Kaley Cuoco Engaged to Josh Resnik

Kaley Cuoco Engaged to Josh Resnik
Kaley Cuoco and Josh 'Lazie' Resnick
Kaley Cuoco preparing to marry.

The actor, 25, 'Lazio' committed couples Josh Resnik, her representative told People exclusively.

"Proposal for a surprisingly quiet place for a special evening at home," said the representative. "Some are very happy and excited to start planning your wedding."

Cuoco and Resnik, who worked as a specialist in addiction, has not set a wedding date.

This is not the first time the actress, who starred in the award winning comedy Big Bang theory, has announced the appointments.

On the red carpet at the Golden Globe back in January, joked about getting married and the use of bright wedding finger.

However, a quick Cuoco explains: "I want you to know that I have focused on - Chopard, the jewelry designer." He then revealed he was wearing a borrowed ring finger on the special as it fits perfectly.