Sister Wives Baby's First Photos

Sister Wives Baby First Photos

Kody and Robyn Brown with Solomon
Jana Cruder
When you have 16 brothers and sisters, mother and a father of four, it takes some time to meet with everyone.

Solomon's baby - born on Wednesday polygamy reality TV star Kody Brown, 43 and the latest (and fourth) wife Robyn, 33, accepted by three other wives of Brown and his family a combined 16 children, born in the house known as one big family are happy.

Brown's first wife, Meri, and his daughter, Mariah, 16, who first came after Solomon's birth.

"Mariah Solomon got together and started crying for joy," said Brown. "My second daughter has drawn my last child and it's beautiful ... And the whole family had come. That was beautiful. "

Unconventional lifestyle of the Brown family was featured on TLC reality show wife and sister Robyn, who has three children - Dayton, 11, Aurora, 9, and Breanna, 7 - from a previous marriage, he called the experience of receiving a new baby in the family with his brother's wife and the other kids so much.

"Everyone comes and love is entertaining," he said. "Who does not want to know that your child is loved by the whole family? I have all the children come from the mother and loved her. He has a list of 21 people a depth of love. There is no shortage of love. "

Celebration of the birth home

Robyn, who has had all her children at home, said he was tired, but still, like Solomon's baby, her first child with blond hair.

"It looks like Kody" he said. "My children used to have dark curly hair. He was so sweet. Brown seems a little baby. He is a gentle and quiet spirit. "

Brown trained his fourth wife was born through a midwife present.

"I'm still high," said Brown. "I have to lock the two times I know. Robyn is a rock star. Go through some excruciating, but she's beautiful. "

Solomon (the name was still covered by their parents) arrived 13 days after the expiration date.

"I continue to make people ask," is he here? Is he here? "Mariah and I send text messages and Meri send me a text message," he said, laughing. "Everyone is worried ... But Solomon took the time. "

And how do your new husband during labor?

"Kody beautiful," says Robyn. "He was able to remain calm and stay focused when the going gets tough. I can not get through the recession without holding your hand. That is, a beautiful beautiful to me. "

The birth of Solomon, presented at the end of the season November 27 Wife Sister, which aired Sunday (21:00 ET) on TLC.
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Meri, Christine, Janelle, Kody and Robyn Brown with Solomon