Steven Tyler: Hotel Fall Was an Accident, Not a Relapse

Steven Tyler
Steven Tyler, with black eye, during Oct. 26 Aerosmith concert in Asuncion, Paraguay
Accidents happen, but show must go on.

Point of view of Steven Tyler after falling painfully in the hotel bathroom in Paraguay on Tuesday - an event described in detail on Thursday in the Today show on NBC.

The Aerosmith frontman and American Idol judge, 63, said she was battling food poisoning and began feeling ill in the bathroom. "I'm getting sick, and I fell on my face," he said. "I fainted."

Tour manager called in U. S. Embassy and find the best hospitals in the area. "It's like a one-stop," says Tyler. "They are sewn eyes get a little plastic surgery .. And keep your teeth healthy. All in one fell swoop. "

Tyler, the famous battle against drug and alcohol problems in the past, said he accepted the fact that some people may think he fell off the truck. But he said it was an accident, not a relapse.

"I feel that people think," he said. "It still bothers me a bit, but it's something that I need to deal with the rest of my life."

The event on Tuesday in Paraguay has changed in a day, but Tyler and the band played on Wednesday in a crowd of rough diamonds, and the tour will continue. "Short legs are removed, people expect me to take the stage," says Tyler.