Teacher Pleads Insanity in Alleged Football Team Sex Scandal

Teacher Pleads Insanity in Alleged Football Team Sex Scandal
Stacy Schuler
Gary Landers/The Cincinnati Enquirer/AP
Decision could come early Thursday in the case of a high school teacher in Ohio who allegedly had sex with five players on the school football team, and then claimed as a defense of insanity.

Stacy Schuler, 33, pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to 16 the number of crimes of sexual assault and three as a violation of providing alcohol to children, reports the Cincinnati Enquirer. Schuler faces a maximum of 80 years in prison convicted of all charges.

Schuler lawyers, to agree health and physical education teacher at Springboro High School Mason in February, has reportedly argued that the alleged sexual acts can never occur, such as Schuler's not memory.

However, the two young men testified in court this week, which began Monday, Schuler explained to welcome you at home, teasing and massage oils. Then followed, both in the bathroom or bedroom, reports Cincinnati TV station WKRC.

Another student, a young woman who served as an assistant teacher for three years Schuler, testified Tuesday that during his visit to Schuler after the conclusion of a former teacher, said he feared for his job after it has happened to several students.

"He told me that if anyone ever knew he was planning the defense and that he would try to say this is crazy," said the woman in court.

Schuler did not testify in his own name. However, the defense called a former student stood up to speak Schuler dedication to his profession and help offered. According to WKRC, testimony painted a picture of a teacher is so good that he admitted having hard time setting limits.

Enquirer also quoted the testimony of Kenneth Manges, a forensic psychologist in Cincinnati, after examining Schuler, said, "I think he has a severe mental illness, when he participated in sexual acts with humans. "

Speaking at a place that Manges said that Schuler meets the legal definition of "madness", due to a combination of medical conditions, drug and alcohol packaged as a "perfect storm" that prevents him from understanding the wrongfulness of his involvement in the male adolescent sex.