Haye vs Chisora - What was said?

Haye vs Chisora

This is a blow-by-blow account of the verbal sparring British boxers Dereck Chisora and David Haye indulged in before coming to blows in Munich.
Haye vs Chisora
Bernd Boente (manager of Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko): With the bad experience we've had with British fighters, we shall now look for other countries. Contrary to David Haye, Dereck Chisora really went for it. He really tried.

David Haye: You don't desire to fight David Haye, no?

Boente: You had an offer. You didn't accept it. Now you're out. You're out. Out, out, out. You can't talk yourself back to the fight; you have no belts. Chisora showed heart, contrary to you. You showed your toe [referring to Haye's toe injury he suffered in losing to Wladimir].

Haye: I accepted your offer in December.

Dereck Chisora: We'll get it on in London - be quiet. David Haye can be an embarrassment, Sky Sports don't do Box Office any longer due to David Haye. He messed it up for all those young fighters coming through. I'll offer you two slaps for that. If Haye is a fighter, he should fight me.

Haye: You've lost three fights in a row (three of his last four).

Chisora: Let's fight.

Frank Warren (Chisora's promoter): I've got a good idea. If Dereck fights David, the winner fights Vitali.

Boente: Appears like an ideal plan.

Haye: Vitali said he could knock me out, do you consider you can knock me out?

Don Charles (Chisora's trainer): Be quiet, can security get him out of here?

Haye: Vitali said after his last fight, 'I desire to fight David Haye'. Where is he now? He said he wanted to fight me, I agreed the money, I agreed everything in December.

Chisora: How's your toe? How's your toe? How's your toe?

Haye: You've lost your last three fights, you lost to Tyson Fury. You're a loser.

Chisora: Tell that to my face. I'm decreasing, tell that to my face.

Chisora leaves his chair to approach Haye behind the room. A melee ensures with Haye swinging a video camera tripod.

Chisora shouts: He glassed me. I swear to God, David, I am going to shoot you. I am going to shoot you. I am going to physically shoot David Haye. He glassed me. He glassed me. He glassed me. I'm not having it. He glassed me.

Haye's trainer Adam Booth speaks to Chisora, his head clearly cut.

Chisora: I'm sorry about that. Adam, your fighter glassed me.

Booth: I want to know who glassed me.

Chisora: As you were attempting to hold your fighter away, he [Haye] probably glassed you by mistake.

Booth: You hit me with a bottle.

Chisora: David had a bottle in his hand.

Booth: No, no, David didn't hit me with a bottle. I want to know who glassed me. Somebody hit me with a bottle.

Booth to Klitschko: Vitali, you're an excellent fighter however your manager can be an embarrassment to the sport. Congratulations for winning.

Chisora to Booth: Either we do it in the ring or outside of the ring. Because I want him. If David don't fight me, Adam, I am telling you the God's honest truth, I am going to physically burn him. So you tell him I said that. I am going to find him.

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