Tattoo Artists Love and Hate - Celeb Tattoos

Tattoo Artists Love and Hate Celebrity Tattoos

More people have more tattoos in more places than previously. If you're considering getting inked, choosing the design is currently the hardest part, and we've spoken to some of the world's top tattoo artists for more information concerning the tattoos they love and those they are not so thinking about.

Tribal feuds
Tribal Tattoo Celebrity
Tribal Tattoo Celebrity

"I'm not a large fan of doing Tribal work and cover ups, " says top tattoo artist Louis Molloy, resident artist at Manchester's Middleton Tattoo studio, and the star of TELEVISION show London Ink. "Also, due to some of the work I've done on celebrities, I've gained a good reputation for doing religious-themed work but I feel that I've done so much over the past 10 to 12 years that it no more holds exactly the same appeal. I most usually get requests for religious-inspired work - not because folks are overtly religious but more that they like the 'look'. "

Colour codes
Indeed, while that Celtic cross or tribal etching may have seemed like advisable at that time, in a decade time will you really feel exactly the same? The color, position and size of one's tattoo will all affect the ease with which it could be removed, if, God forbid, you select that your visit to the tattoo parlour was one you'd like to forget. Area of the reason more people are opting to obtain inked may be the wider selection of colours available - black is not any longer the only option. The bad news? These brighter colours are also the hardest to eliminate.

"Red, green and blue will be the hardest colours to eliminate from the tattoo, " says Louis. "The reason behind this is that the current laser technology works on the light spectrum. These colours will be the ones that the laser has trouble "seeing" because the wavelengths of the colour spectrum are different and most lasers can only just work at certain wavelengths. It may seem strange but black may be the easiest colour to eliminate. "
The name game
Named Tattoo Celebrity
Named Tattoo Celebrity

It pays to be equally cautious with regards to names. You may well have met his parents, moved into his house and also snuck your constitute into his bathroom cabinet, but is a permanent piece of body art really the best way to declare your undying love for your other half? If things turn sour, the tattoo is a painful reminder of a failed relationship.

This won't just mean tattoos of his name either. "Any form of "love" declaration should not be taken lightly, " warns Louis. "Even if it's some type of cryptic image, if the couple split up there will always be a reminder. "

So what kind of tattoo does Louis love to do most? "My favourite design of work is Japanese because the designs work very well on the body - I'm currently considering work that was done in the Meiji amount of art in Japan (1860 - 1912). This is the time once the art in Japan was a large influence to artists in the west - impressionists and designers like Morris and Mackintosh - and I'm attempting to create works which come somewhere among both worlds. "

No pain, no gain
Pain Tattoo Celebrity
Pain Tattoo Celebrity

We all have different pain thresholds, but when it comes to tattoos, people that have lower ones may consider avoiding certain areas, although Louis admits that we now have also those that love the endorphin-induced high they experience while obtaining a tattoo done. "Generally, bony areas will be the most painful to focus on. But no tattoo could ever be referred to as painless - for the most part the pain is bearable and sometimes with the release of endorphins people will usually describe the knowledge as pleasurable. "

If you a friend with multiple tattoos, there's a good chance the next thought has popped into your mind as you've admired his / her body art: "But think about once you get old? " The truth is, no tattoo will stay exactly the same, be it due to pregnancy, weight gain or loss or age-related sagging, but them again, if you certainly love your tattoo, the fact that it's changed shape slightly probably won't be too much of a concern. "I think the simple truth is that a lot of old folks who are tattooed couldn't care less because the tattoos be a part of you, " says Louis. "If you're concerned about this, areas in order to avoid would be breasts and the stomach on men and women. The very best places will be the arms and neck. "

What things to consider before you get inked

For the same reasons, it is also worth avoiding tattoos which express personal opinion (you may well currently love the Wanted, but will you really feel exactly the same when you're ninety? ). Remember that the tattoo artist wielding the needle is there to create your desired tattoo, and isn't obliged to tell you that you may be going to make the worst decision of your life.

"Extreme tattoos being done are down to the discretion of the artists, " says Louis. "We are likely to reside in a free society where people can express their views or opinions however they wish but carrying it out as a tattoo is not always a wise thing to do.

Just because a tattooist does this sort of work does not imply that they agree with the views involved. " Indeed Tyler Borich at American Electric tattoo salon, which featured on Miami Ink, makes a good point.

"My old boss once thought to me, 'If somebody wants the world to learn that they are a racist then great. Why not help warn everyone? ' I agree. " A similar thing could possibly be said for those considering a Wanted tattoo...

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